Shamrocks Bond And Impress Fisher At Beantown Classic

By James Murphy

Despite a 1-2-1 record at the Beantown Classic and not making the quarterfinals, the Boston Shamrocks Under 19 team showed plenty of promise in their first games together as a team and impressed Shamrocks Director Of Hockey Operations Sean Fisher.

“Although finishing with a 1-2-1 record, based on our body of work through the round robin, I thought our girls deserved to be playing on Sunday [in quaterfinals] but unfortunately in tournaments like this that can happen to talented teams,” Fisher said.  “For having only four short days to try to come together as a team prior to the tournament, I was thoroughly impressed with the players performance to be completely honest.  That was a very tall task I asked of them: come together with players you have very little experience playing with, play smart and hard and tough in a showcase environment with lots of eyes on you, and do it with team structure.”

As Fisher pointed out, win or lose, this was a great opportunity for the girls to get a head-start on impressing college recruiters. “Our players were able to showcase their skills to College Coaches from all across the country and our staff has been fielding calls and answering emails on players all week since,” he said.

The Shamrocks are now on a three-week break before training camp begins later this month.

Here’s Fisher’s reaction to each game from the Beantown Classic:

Game 1 vs. Regional Express – “We played a young skilled team with elite level goaltending.  Won 3-2 although that score is not indicative of how we played.  I’m sure if I went back and watched the game back the shot analytics would heavily be in our favor.  Ashlee Hirschfield’s play stood out and was recognized by the coaching staff for her effort on both sides of the puck.”

Game 2 vs Ottawa Lady Sens – “We tied 1-1 and that was their only blemish on the weekend, they went to the finals finishing the tournament 6-0-1.  They were a highly skilled, big, fast team and I thought our girls held on well, weathered the early storm, made some adjustments after the first period to how we played in the neutral zone and were able to get one late from Madison Nichols to steal a point.  We showed a lot of resilience, a lot of “bend, don’t break” and the girls were rewarded for it.”

Game 3 vs CT Polar Bears – “We lost 3-2, and let a lead slip away which I think as we grow more comfortable as a team you won’t see that happen to us later in the year.  I think we were the better team that game and probably deserved a better fate but it unfortunately didn’t go our way and sometimes that happens.  I actually in certain ways think it was our best game of the weekend.  Mya Jorgenson had both goals coming off great feeds from her line mates from that game Julia Masotta and Madison Nichols.”

Game 4 – “We ran into a highly skilled Skate to Excellence team out of Minnesota and lost 5-0.  With 5 Division 1 players on their roster and most of their players 2-3 years older than ours I actually thought we held in there fairy well.  I don’t think we will see much competition like that this season.”

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